Status Update

Update Number: 13 (Entanet / Cityfibre)

Completed Actions:

– Reports of circuit impact into the CityFibre TSC

– CityFibre TSC engaged CityFibre NOC for initial investigations

– CityFibre NOC confirmed an issue seen on active monitoring

– MI process engaged

– MI accepted

– Internal Bridge call scheduled

– NOC investigations ongoing with several examples of affected circuits provided from information gathering by TSC

– Further impact to Consumer circuits discovered and acknowledged

– NOC investigations determined an issue within the core network emanating from a specific location

– NOC contacted hardware supplier and raised a Priority 1 case

– All logs provided to hardware supplier for analysis

– Internal Bridge call convened

– Conference call between CityFibre NOC and hardware supplier convened

– Following discussions between CityFibre NOC and our hardware supplier, there have been developments on this incident in regards to restoration.

– It has been found that the origin point of the issue is on a line card situated within a core network device.

– Soft clear of card performed without success

– Full remote reboot of card performed which was successful for a period of approx. 30 mins before the issue manifested again

– Further internal call held with CityFibre NOC and Hardware Supplier to agree next steps

– Escalation made to Hardware Supplier confirm part availability and Engineer ETA

– Part sourcing resolved

-Engineer details confirmed and will be collecting at 0700.

-Access request to DC in confirmed

-Issue with retrieving parts from location resolved

– Engineer attended Slough DC

-Engineer has completed card swap successfully

-Testing and checks completed

-BGP reenabled

-Network stability confirmed

Current Action Plan:

CityFibre NOC Engineers have advised they are seeing network instability issues and are currently investigating.

Next Update: