Status Update

The issue that is affecting a number of client leased lines / EFM circuits is in a state of remediation with the ISP (Entanet / Cityfibre) who have identified a piece of equipment that they believe is causing the issues.

At this point in time our internal monitoring is showing lines are stable, however they may drop without notice if Entanet / Cityfibre alter anything within their network to resolve the issues fully. Due to the fact that drops may occur at anytime it may be prudent to ask if staff can work from home (where possible) for the remainder of the day

Local internet traffic from your offices may also be affected due to issues within the Entanet / Cityfibre network that cause pages to load either really slowly or not at all, these issues may be sporadic in nature as well, this is due to line / tunnel flaps within the Entanet / Cityfibre network.

We will continue to post update as we get them from Entanet / Cityfibre.

Explainer: A circuit / line / tunnel flap is when a connection goes between a state of up (working) and down (Not working) rapidly, giving the impression of a line that is up (working), but its non functional and data cannot be passed over it.

The issue can be compounded by the way the internet works where if it see this happening it tries to work around it, but if that new route does the same thing, then the issue gets exponentially worse until other systems see it as having issues and drop their connections automatically as a precaution to protect their networks, which then causes an issue called convergence where the networks need to work out new paths to each other to “heal” the issue, this of course takes time (few seconds to several minutes)  to carry out as there are a lot of moving parts involved to try to work around issues and keep data moving.